Bench Hunt if winning by 2?

I still have Kareem Hunt, the best player in fantasy right now, to play tonight while my opponent has no more players to go. I am up by 2.3 points, but wonder if there is a consensus on whether or not to bench Hunt in order to win.

In theory, Hunt could fumble, lose 3 yards, and get hurt in the same play. On the other side, a stat correction could take away the win with this so close and I would lose out on total points for the year.

Any advice is appreciated!

If tie breakers at the end of season go by total points scored, I would absolutely play him. If total points dont matter I would still play him lol

Its up to you … just remember there are stat corrections on Wednesday I believe… and you could lose that 2.3 point lead if one of your players gets corrected…

Don’t play scared man! Play the man who has made your team what it is. If the fumble, injury lose yards on the first carry happens(pretty improbable) you went down with your big guns a blazing. If you sit him and some stat correction makes you a loser (equally as improbable) you will be the biggest chump of your league.

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I think there’s a higher chance that you may lose to a stat correction, than Hunt losing 3 yards, fumbling the ball, and is out for the rest of the game on his very first play lol

Yep, he got me to 4-0 and I have every reason to keep trusting him. All signs point to rolling with him. Just goes to show how unhelpful Yahoo probabilities and projections are

go for the jugular