Bench JuJu?

So the weather for the Steelers/Browns game has me concerned. .5 PPR. I could bench JuJu for Bilal Powell, James White, Keelan Cole. I’m sort of leaning toward starting Powell right now.

Man, pre-weather news it’s a HUGE drop-off between JuJu and the rest of your guys. It would take a lot to downgrade him that much. I hate calls like this, but I say stick with JuJu.

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I would start James White. Patriots are going to rely heavily on short passes given Clowney/Watt and their sub par Oline. Personally see James White as a 6 reception floor with a 10+ reception ceiling with a potential TD.

I would start James White over all of those.

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I would start all of them over James White.

I’m not saying @MikeMeUpp is wrong, per se, but I think this emphasizes what a tricky call White is. To me, White is a risky proposition; to others, he’s a sure thing. I’m ranking them: JuJu, Powell, Cole, White. Admittedly, I’m a Cole truther, so I could see not trusting in him.

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Keep an eye on the weather heading up to the game but ya, be prepared to bench JuJu. Powell is your safest start otherwise (imo) but James White has higher upside in what could be a very high scoring game.

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All valid points. In my opinion, White is a high ceiling player, but also a low floor. For what it’s worth, the gurus also believe in Powell. If the weather looks extreme around Noon tomorrow, I think I’ll take the safe play with Powell. If I get 10 points from this 2nd Flex spot, I’ll be ecstatic.

No offense to ballers, but point projections are meaningless when it’s this close between 2 players. Have to consider the game script and situation and range of outcomes. I don’t put too much weight beyond a single point prediction as the variance is so wide.

Jets, on the road, heavy road under dogs against a high powered lions offense. Horrible game script for running. For a losing team on the road and a split back field. Rookie QB, horrible line against a lions pass rush.

On the other hand, James White on a higher scoring offense, with a great pass catching floor. I think he will probably be the 2nd in receptions after Gronk. So disagree on him having a lower floor. I think he has both a higher floor and a higher ceiling given receptions and more opportunities from scoring position.

To each their own though. I don’t even think Powell will get 10 points. In order to get that, you’re banking on a TD. I think white gets 10 points easily even without a TD.

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Here’s what I’m going to do. If the weather looks somewhat ok, JuJu is in. If it looks like crap, I’ll coin flip 3 outta 5 for Powell or White. Heads it’s Powell. Tails it’s White. Lol.

Looks like I’m going to stick with JuJu. The forecast doesn’t look near as bad as what it was. The Buffalo/Baltimore actually looks like the bad one now. (I got Alex Collins in that one)