Bench my QB for the Win Monday Night?

Going into Monday Night, I lead by .77 points and only have my streaming QB to play. Hundley. I lead the league in points and in 4th at 4-4. I’m playing the league leader who is 7-1. Would you sit my QB and take the win? Or play him and take a chance??

How many more points do you have over the next team?

Generally I would play him just to get more points in case of a tiebreaker or better seed in playoffs.

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I’m never going to agree with pulling players. Not very sportsmanlike, imo. You also never know if you’ll end up needing the points.

yeah, the longer the day goes, and the more coffee I drink, the more I’m leaning to playing him. Besides, the kid can run, that SHOULD be good for a few points at the very least

Play him for sure. .77 points is nothing to the stat correction bug that you can get hit with on Friday (or whenever the corrections come out).

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