Bench ravens d/st?

So i have the ravens D/ST in a league, but i really dont want to play them against the insane saints ofense. Cardinals D/ST in on the waivers, should i pick them up? I could drop kearse or godwin(is a 10 team league, and i have adams and juju) And there’s a chance i can pick one of them up after this week.
The defenses on the waivers are
Browns @ TB
cardinals vs DEN
Broncos @ ARI

Who should i pick up?

After last weeks performance it is hard to bench Ravens D, but if you do not feel confident or you are a tad bit nervous I would pick up that broncos defense against the cardinals. I am surprised they are available. Best of luck

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I wouldn’t fuss, I’d play them and temper expectations…


thanks guys.
Another question, i have to choose between
Christian Kirk
Chris Godwin

Who would you play?
My wrs are on bye this week

Kirk all day long! He’s got a good matchup, and I always favor offenses on a short week. Denver stinks on the road, just remember to put him in your WR slot and not the flex!

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I benched the Ravens Defense and picked up Arizona. Actually, I dropped the Ravens D. Probably shouldn’t have but they have a slew of terrible match-ups coming up and I have been burned by them before in bad match-ups. Be careful! When they’re bad, they are negative-points-bad. Last season and this season.

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Broncos defense is preferable, in my opinion, to the Cardinals defense. Get it!!! :slight_smile:

I just flat out dropped the Ravens but here me out.

Brees is looking like the finest of the fine wines right now. Ravens are great at smashing boxes of Franzia (weak QB’s). Not gonna happen for them this week. And look at the rest of their schedule. Many more decent bottle of wines. Much of what they do is also scheme, less to do with player horsepower.

Rolling with the Cardinals. Could I be wrong? Of course but I researched this crap a long time. I feel confident the Ravens will digress into good enough rest of the way.


Great minds think alike, EconoTeam! Great analogy too! hahaha. I love wine. Cheers! Goooo Arizona D!


How do you guys feel about the colts defense I dropped the ravens for them but Denver defense is still on waivers as well

I just picked up the Cards for tonight’s game as well. But…Min is also on waivers. Really tempted to switch it out real quick.

Denver DST is murdering right now. WOW. How can you predict pick-6’s?!

Totally blew this one. I’m still in good shape. No way though was I starting the Ravens but that is life. I still stand by the Ravens D will be average at best ROS. That is how I play though. Won by decimal points last weekend, week prior blew it out the park. It was my wrench throw of the week.

Well I picked up broncos d and put them in 3 min befor the game started… and I couldn’t be happier


Holy crap. Mike McCoy needs to leave! And the Defensive coordinator is pretty awful too! I saw on twitter a “map” that tracked all David Johnson’s rushes this season, and they’re all between the tackles. Nothing creative or imaginative to get the guy moving in space to take advantage of his elusiveness and speed… That was compared to Melvin Gordon’s touches last game, and Gordon is being given the ball all over the place and they’re game planning to get him on the edges in space to maneuver. Unreal.

Bros, i started Denver D/ST and Christian Kirk.
I have 40 points right now, in a matchup i was supposed to lose this week because both my star wrs are on bye.
Im so happy i decided to go with the broncos on this one lol
thanks for the feedback everyone, im not sold on dropping ravens D yet, but looking at their next matches, im not autostarting them every week.
Anyways, mccoy just got fired haha