Bench Rivers for Flaco?

Torn on this. Rivers goes against the Rams, not a great matchup. Essentially a home game for both. Flaco plays Denver, but at home. Denver has yet to travel this year. Here are my pros/cons for benching Rivers:

Cons - He is a good QB, I imagine he will be in a shootout, potential for high upside. Basically a home game. Mitigate damage if Flaco has a bad game, since I am also running John Brown in the flex.

Pros - Flaco has been good, Flaco has a full home game. I have John Brown in my flex so potential for doubling up on points.


probably lean towards Rivers…its Flacco. hes looked decent the 1st 2 weeks, but I see Rivers playing a tight (if not catch up) game and check down passes still get you points

Rivers gets my vote also

I wouldn’t be able to trust Flacco myself. Denver isn’t a good matchup either