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Bench size?


Wanting to know what you guys thought would be an adequate bench size. I want to discourage hoarding and keep waivers relevant to most. We have gone from a 12 team league with 6 bench spots to a 10 team league. Was wondering if it was a good idea to go to a 5 man bench with an IR spot as well. Thoughts?


Hello Dirtycommish0034! I get what you mean by wanting to discourage hoarding and keeping waivers relevant BUT I would keep it at 6 bench personally. Dropping the 2 teams already adds 24 more players to the waivers. I’d rather have the deeper bench to encourage trading rather than always having solid pickups available on waivers, which is what I think would be the case with 10 teams and 5 bench. (Assuming your Starting Lineup is fairly normal)

I also have 1 IR spot in the 10-team league that I’m the commish of. Ballers have 2 IR spots in their leagues (12-teams)

Another option if you do drop to 5 bench players, is to add a 2nd Flex or 3rd WR spot.


Look at it in terms of total starters VS total rostered.

In my experience, started 130 players total, league wide, puts you at the nice sweetspot where your bench barely helps your starters.

As for total rostered, I’m too new to dynasty to guess where the sweetspot is, where waivers barely help your bench. Curious what others have to say if they think in these terms.