Bench Sleepers

Here’s my question…

With so many potential sleepers late in drafts what is the best way to narrow down these players since I only have so many picks to take them in the later rounds. Players like Geronimo, Dixon, Cole, Wilkins, Pettis, Dotson, Etc.

I can’t draft all of them unless i choose to draft all these guys as bench depth over the guys going in earlier rounds like the Lee, algolar, mathews, ajayi, Fuller, etc…


Research and luck.

You can go to one site and see who they think is a sleeper and go with it. You can cross reference with other sites. You can go further and buy the UDK to look at reception perception and consistency. Look at college careers on Pro Football Reference.

I would rank those guys in the following tiers:



I guess I would base it off how good and confident I am in my starters.

If you can afford to draft some high ceiling players rather than safe player, I would draft 2 or 3. That being said, I dont want my whole bench being sleepers.

Thanks guys great advice

I have the UDK that’s what I’ll start with.

Pay attention to Pre-Season and playing time. Who looks flashy? Who are people talking about that made your list? Google your list of guys once during the week and look for an interesting headline. Look for injuries that help the people on your list move up their depth chart. Bunch of variables quin. Than finally you go with your gut on the last two.

We hit on Kamara and Cohen last year w/last two picks in the draft. There was defs luck involved there!

That’s solid advice