Bench Stafford for Keenum?

Stafford or Keenum? Thinking on staying away from Stafford this week largely due to matchup and weather concerns. Leaning towards streaming Case Keenum.

Is there a better option on the waivers? The only reason I ask is because there may be a chance Keenum gets benched for Teddy. Apparently Teddy almost started last week… So I would keep an eye out on the weather until game time. If it’s rain/winds >10mph, then I’d go Keenum or someone off the waivers.

Smokin’ Jay Cutty is also available as a stream option? Perhaps that would be better than Keenum??? Especially since Teddy is loaning over Keenum shoulder.

I too am worried Keenum gets benched for Bridgewater. I like Smokin Jay Cutler as a better streamer (Did I really just type that.)

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