Bench Stashes

Shallow 10 team non-ppr league. No one picked up Hubbard and someone dropped AJ Brown. To pick up either I would need to drop one of these bench players, is it worth it?

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@Lunch_Time how many managers are in your league? That is one stacked bench. Tough to make decisions based solely on your bench. Who are your starters? I went into this season high on the SF backfield and put too much stock into Mostert than I care to admit. The rate of injury there at RB in general is alarming to say the least and it’s looking more and more like a situation that I want to get out of. AJ Brown is way too good of a player to leave for another manager to scoop up. Im not as high on Hubbard as most. The goal line usage of newly added Royce Freeman and the qb sneak from Darnold showed me Carolina is not sold just yet on Hubbard and then there is the rookie pass protection learning curve that also worries me. He may be a between the 20s rb that needs big plays to score and with McCaffrey trending on a possible quicker return timeframe, he’s less interesting for your roster in my eyes. Corey Davis is a solid player playing with a rookie qb on an offense thats struggling. I keep coming back to this thought…if you have AJ Brown and Diontae Johnson on the bench, will you ever actually play C.Davis? Soooooo, in my Non expert opinion (just a long time player, first time #FootClan member), I’d drop Davis for Brown but I wouldn’t say you’d be wrong doing the same but swapping in Mitchell…guess it just depends on your strength at rb. And I could get on board to add AJ for Davis AND Hubbard for Mitchell solely based on short term upside.

My starters are Henry and Gibson at running back and Mclaurin and Lamb at receiver with Taylor as my flex. So barring major injuries I don’t see Hubbard starting unless CMC is out long term and they give him at least the Mike Davis load from last year. If AJ Brown come back from injury producing like he did last year, he could potentially give me options depending on bye weeks, matchups, etc. Or if he has a couple good games, I might be able to trade him or one of the other WRs for a better tight end. I think I am going to drop Mitchell for Brown and leave Hubbard alone.