Bench the Bears?

Who would you rather start:

Bears. vs. Aaron Rogers and the Packers


Bills vs. the awful Lions

Obviously the Bears are the far more talented defense, but can you trust another above average performance against the packers? The lions absolutely stink, and the Bills should be able to sack Stafford and cause some turnovers.

What do you think?

I was told to bench them vs the rams, they ended up with over 15+ fantasy points. Im not scared of Rodgers at home for the bears.

You do not bench the bears. Especially vs packers and rodgers who surrender like 4-5 sacks a game.

Bills are a great start as well though but no chance I’m benching bears at home.


Bears or Jags against a 4th string qb?

Same boat for me BEARS or JAGS?
Their match ups make it difficult

Repeat after me:

“I will not bench the bears defense”

People aren’t saying it but this might be one of the best defenses ever. Comparable to legion of boom, way better than sacksonville of last year. In todays offense friendly rules, to have a defense perform like this week after week is truly incredibly.

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