Bench Tyreek vs Jags?

I know the old addage is “don’t get cute” but i’m really struggling with Tyreek this week since it’s against the jags. I have The Tyreek conundrum in several leagues, but here’s my 2 main ones.

10 man - half pt ppr
WR’s Tyreek, Jarvis, Kenny G, Cole, Enunwa
RBs DJ, Cook, Hyde, Kerryon, Buck Allen

My plan would be DJ, Hyde, Tyreek, Jarvis, Kenny G, but if Tyreek’s matchup is awful I could put Kerryon or Cook in at flex.

12 man - half pt ppr
WRs OBJ, Tyreek, Boyd, Corey Davis, Sammy Watkins
RBs White, Gurley, Mixon (IR spot loophole) Breida, Alf

I was going to play White and Gurley and leave mixon in the IR spot to hold the roster spot loophole so I can keep alf, but alf kinda of sucks so if Tyreeks matchup isn’t worthplaying i could drop alf and just play Mixon, White, and Gurley,

So what does everyone think. Should i go with my alternative options, or is it just stupid ot not play Tyreek?

Bumping the thread.

While his matchup isn’t great on paper, he does play a lot in the slot, away from Bouye and Ramsey. And he’s just fast as shit - always a threat down the field, against anybody. Also keep in mind Watkins is gimpy with the bad hammy right now… I have Tyreek and I’m gonna roll with him this week.

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Thanks. I’m leaning towards playing him i just have deep benches this season.

Yea… don’t get cute… tyreek is a start every week unless he or mahomes is hurt…

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