Bench watson the pro said

I’d say Watson is match up proof here on out all these fantasy pros said Seattle gone teach him a lesson they cost me a win going on my own here on out


And Fuller. He can’t keep up the pace. Or can he :thinking:

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Yea man I’m just mad I busted a 7 game win streak my gut said play Watson but I thought they knew more than me I guess they don’t what am I paying for here

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Watson is unbelievable-Can’t believe he put up those numbers on Seattle-

Ya I sat him…luckily I sat him for Wilson though so it was a wash. Andy was bold and went against it. Like anything I guess. You have to listen to advise and get informed but also listen to your gut. Good luck going forward man!

I mean they’re not 100% correct. You went away from your gut. What he did in Seattle was definitely an outlier so I get why they advised people on that

Its Your own fault, YOU have the final say about who is in your lineup, stop finding a scapegoat for your own mistakes, its 1 loss. its advice, not gospel.

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Isn’t their first rule to stay in the flames? You should have been starting him regardless of ranking at this point.

To the point on Fuller I also agree that he might keep pace for the insane TD total. I think he’s just a perfect compliment to hopkins this year to where he’s always going to have a busted player or 2 each game with at least 1 td. IMO going forward he’s an expected 3 catch 1 td play every week until proven otherwise.