Benched Rivers

Starting to feel better about benching Rivers this week (for Rodgers)


Me too! I was worried but now im very pleased with the decision.

Glad y’all made the right decision. I benched Smith…because ALLLLL the “EXPERTS” advised it!!! Geez!!! Starting Cousins. Feeling a little queasy right now!!! SMH!!!

Playing against my son (who beat me twice in reg. season), He had K. Allen… had me VERY worried going into this game… NOW… we go into the Sunday games about even. :slight_smile:

She has smith and allen

But i hace hunt, hill, and kelce
And benched river for rogers. So the rest of my team just needs to show up.

Never doubt Kansas City at home in a division matchup! I’m not even a ic fan lol good job tho

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Im not a kc fan either just the way my team ended up. (Got hunt and hill rd 5 and 6 in my draft and traded for kelce around week 5) So i suppose this year i am a KC fan haha