Benching Cooper

Half ppr seriously considering benching Amari Cooper with the news of Dak and that injury But it makes me uneasy to bench a #1 wr in a pivotal game. It would make Lockett and Sutton my starters and probably Perriman or Washington or Boone at flex if i do

Anyone else thinking of doing the same in the finals?

Anyone wanna just tell me I’m not crazy for it? Is he a must play against that secondary?

I’m also benching him for Miles Sanders. Not taking a chance on an injured Dak and hobbled Cooper.

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Ok so Im not crazy for thinking about it. I like my other options pretty well but prior to knowing about the Dak injury he was an absolute smash play. Think Im gonna do it and bench him. Now i have to decide between Perriman, Washington or Boone for the flex

Not crazy. I’d play Sutton, Perriman, and Lockett (and hope Lockett doesn’t disappoint this week).

not either of the rbs in the flex for you? Boone sounds more and more like hes gonna be the starter and Washington has no one else to take away from him getting his touches. I just cant decide right now my line up is how you said but looking at Mostert, Boone and washington its alot of potential to bench but no matter what my bench will look stacked lol

Also debating a bench given Dak news, so +1 for not crazy…

If I start AJ Brown in my WR2 slot (Hill is WR1) then I COULD play Cooper in my Flex or I also have Boone, Washington, Perriman, Fuller, and Metcalf I could play in his place.

Standard Scoring.

See im starting to think that the Boone Washington or Perriman are all more trustworthy plays. They may not have the same ceiling but they all should have a safer floor. Fuller im not sure about with stills going off last week and Im starting lockett so kinda hoping dk only has an alright day and they wont be covering hollister so hes gonna eat too