Benching DJ for .... Grossness

Alright Footclan, here’s a gross one:

Everyone (myself included) has told me to sit David Johnson against the Steelers. I believe them, and want to, but my options at RB outside of DJ are extremely limited:

  1. Dion Lewis vs SF
  2. Adrian Peterson @ Arizona
  3. Carlos Hyde v Dal
  4. Rex Burkhead v LV
  5. Frank the Tank is on the wire

Should I roll the dice with any of these iffy options, or just play and pray for DJ?

I’d probably stick with dj. But I wouldnt be happy about it.

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Thank you, I’m gonna go begin my praying.

Yeah I’d just suck it up and play DJ :pensive:

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Sorry, I had DJ Chark on the brain and have bad reading comprehension. After puking, I’d go with DJ.

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Stick with DJ here. I was in the same boat and was able to pick up McKinnon and starting him over DJ this week. If any of them to go over DJ would be Burkhead as he seems to be getting the most usage in New England right now or Lewis if NY came out and said he is the guy right now but that is too risky. At least you know DJ will get the touches and Saquon got stuffed at the line but did ok in the passing game against Pitt so DJ may be able to take advantage of that.

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DJ is the way to go with that options.
He’ll get touches, and who knows Week3 is when things go off the rails

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Let me ask you if you would sit Derek Henry or Dalvin Cook against the Steelers?

And the answer is a heck no. You have a GOOD RB2 that is ranked around 20 so why overthink it. He is a low end Plug and Play RB2 you drafted him in the 3rd or 4th round. You dont sit him.

If he was your FLEX and you had some other WR’s or something. I could see the consternation. But he is start for me.

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