Benching Kupp this week?

Anyone benching Kupp this week against the Ravens? Davante Parker or Mark Andrews are my next best options.

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Man I’m having the same issue, thinking of benching Kupp for tyrell Williams but my gut is saying to stick with Kupp

I have Kupp also and am benching

Im playing chark and ridley

also have hilton,robinson and samuel on the bench

I have Hilton as well if he plays would you start him?

not sure I will having coming back from injury etc

probably means he’ll have a monster week

I’m having the same issue. Bench Kupp, slide OBJ to WR, but then I have to play Philip Lindsay or Tevin Coleman. I’m leaning towards keeping Kupp in, as he is due to regress positively at some point. It probably won’t be this week, but I will be pissed if he is on my bench. Thoughts?

Hmm that’s tough. Obj has a decent chance to break out finally this week. But Kupp has that potential too. Landry could go off instead so it’s hard to say. For me at least, Kupp has the highest ceiling and I’ll be pretty mad if he gets 22 on my bench. The guy I’m playing this week has Hopkins too so he’s already got a huge advantage. Think I gotta maximize the upside now.

would you start kupp over ridley @ tampa Bay or Chark @ Titans

I think I would go with those guys over Kupp. Better match ups by far. And both had really good games last week.

Ok great I have those two in and kupp on the bench just wanted to see if it was right decision

What about Robinson!? Against the giants!? Would he remove one of chark or Ridley?

I wouldn’t switch him out. They’ve been talking on the podcast about Trubisky being good against bad teams but I wouldn’t really wanna ride that roller coaster. Plus Chark is still the clear #1 and Ridley has a great match up against TB. both have much better QBs too.

I’d go with Chark personally. Chark is pretty much an every week kind of guy now