Bending Rules for Keepers?

Punting to the @ffballers I’m not sure what the actual rule is for selected keepers for all leagues or is it different for everyone. Here is the situation and I’ll punt away and wait for your answer!
12 Team Full PPR (2) 2 year keeper league. “You draft a player and you can select them as a keeper for the next 2 seasons.”
We have 2 new owners this year in the same situation. One of the so called “New Owners” inherited a team which rostered McCaffery for the last 3 years.(1)Drafted year (2) Selected keeper years. Should the “New Owner” be allowed to select this player as a keeper this year due to this being their first year owning a team?
Our Commish states that all league rules say the “New Owner” can maintain McC for the next 2 years.

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