Benny Snell for Julian Edelman?

Got offered Julian Edelman for my Benny Snell. Any thoughts guys? Footclan?

WRS are Golladay, Lockett,Hollywood, Djax, Jerry Jeudy

Rbs are Zeke, Chubb, Taylor, Brown, Snell, Joshua Kelly

You’re deep at both positions so I wouldn’t put too much thought into which position you need more.

What I’m analyzing is this, who can you count on to plug in for a Bye week? Or an injury period (such as Golladay’s current situation)? In my opinion, that’s Edelman. He has the (much) safer floor. You really won’t be starting either in a week-in, week-out basis. But if I need to rely on one of those guys to plug in for one week every now and then to fill in for Byes, it’s Edelman and it’s not close imo.