Bernard Or K. Hunt this Week

I am scarred to put my playoff in Hunt the way things are going. Should I start Bernard this week if Mixon doesn’t play? Based on touches alone?


Very same decision (plus I also have Barber). The challenge is Hunt has done it before… and so you keep thinking it will eventually be a huge game. hate to leave a 25 point game on the bench. He averaged 4.4ypc last week… hopefully KC gets him into the game early.

Play Hunt. Great matchup, they lost last week because they kept scoring too quickly. I know it sounds wierd but I watched the whole game. KC has had issues with time of possession. They know they need to run and control the clock.

good point. From a fantasy point of view Smith and Hill had awesome games… but they lost be cause the opponent had the ball over forty minutes. The defense was on the field almost three quarters of the game… no wonder they lost.

They need to begin the game handing the ball off to Hunt and get him more than 9 carries. Otherwise another loss… and the likelihood of missing the playoffs after a great start of the season.

btw, did you see the play that Smith gained 70 yards? Hunt was wide open in the right flat. Smith panicked and took off. Sure, he gained 70 yards. Great for the Smith owner. Hunt would have taken the ball to the endzone (Hunt even threw a great block for Smith downfield). You’d think the QB would try to involve that player more…