Berzerk Moves That Paid In Full So Far

Looking forward to hearing any insane moves that worked out way beyond the realm of good for you. It’s stuff like this that makes the season fun when you believe you see something and hit pay dirt.

In week one, my D almost cost me the game. Said screw it and used my waiver on a D because it infuriated me to that level of stupidity. Who uses a waiver on a D? That would be nobody but, I looked at the Pats schedule and thought this is likely going to work out. No more streaming.

I will probably never do that again and if my D didn’t achieve -6 points it does not happen.

My brother traded Antonio Brown, Justice Hill, and a 2nd round pick for Dalvin Cook in the beginning of the year in our dynasty league before the season started.

Ok, that is probably going to win this thread. Before the season just adds another level of cra cra to it. Justice Hill, what happened to that guy. and why did they draft him…meh. I dropped him this week. Enough. AB, I would have drafted him but the price was too much in auction. Speaking of which, that is another one of my berserk moves; I refused to draft a WR1.

So far it has worked out amazingly well. I bought a big bag of WR2’s and stream em.

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The day after Barkley got hurt I traded Thielen and Miles Sanders for Barkley and Landry. Well Thielen and Cousins look horrible, Howard looks better than Sanders. Landry went off for me in the first game I had him and Barkley is back next week (probably) which pairs nicely with CMC

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Had #2 pick in draft, still got Barkley…
Made two different trades this year, both same week after Barkley went down.
First trade- I sent D. Freeman and M. Thomas
T. gurley and T. Hill
Second trade- I send M. Ingram and D. Montgomery
Z. Elliot and AP!
Now Barkley will probably be back next week and I have a 3 headed monster in Barkley-Elliot-Gurley! 3 1st round picks

There has to be a lot of stories out there with all the injuries that turned into uncommon good fortune for other teams. My team was rated last after the draft. Bummed me out but kept thinking no way. I knew it was a good team.

Sure enough, it went from last in projection to #2 and tied for #1. I ignored Mathew Berry and most of the pundits. By the time they are high on someone it’s too late more often than not.

Take Fitzgerald. Old man yes but Rice put up a 1,000 yard season at the same age in the same role. It’s actually even a better role being heavy heavy pass. No pundits even made that comparison. I’m not some genius either. Just good rational reasoning.