BEST 1st rounder?

If I were to keep Kareem Hunt in the second round as a keeper at the #4 spot , should I target a RB OR WR? Thanks!

go with best available. don’t predetermine your pick. being said I might try for a RB because having 2 workhorse backs is a huge advantage, assuming you are picking #4 overall

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Yea, kinda have to go with best available here, especially since it is a keeper league. It is not as simple as choosing between Zeke and AB in a regular redraft. Any ideas as to who is being kept and what the best RBs and WRs will be available?

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RB. Should be solid options right there. WR, not so much. If you want to throw caution to the wind though, shoot for Thielen or Juju. Cousins is disgustingly accurate and Juju, AB is 30 years old. If he goes down you have yourself AB by default which did happen last year a couple of times.

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I will know everyone’s keeper within this week, hopefully I can get more help lol I’m really having a hard time choosing a RB like Bell Johnson or a WR like Hopkins or Odell

If you can get Bell or Johnson, you go with them and its not even close. Nothing to even think about. But if its like a melvin gordon tier RB left, then could consider grabbing an OBJ.