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Best available IR player


Better IR Player for Standard league, Will Fuller, Devontae Booker or someone else?


I’m not in love with either of those guys that you mentioned. I don’t like Fuller because of how bad I believe that offense will be and the fact that I don’t want Hopkins would be an obvious point to not take Fuller either. Booker’s role is really murky to me once he returns from injury because there’re so many mouths to feed in Denver right now at that position. He also wasn’t very impressive once he had the #1 job last season after Anderson went down. I seen someone this morning have Andrew Luck on their IR, which I think is quite clever, and if you could get him in the double digit rounds that would really be an awesome scenario.


Is it a keeper league? If so I’d go maybe Edelman. IR spots don’t mean much to me this early


Dang didn’t think about drafting Luck for IR! And redraft so only for this season.


Then Luck was the play lol