Best Available

WR: A. Jeffery, Cooks, M. jones, K. Allen.
TE: Olsen, ASJ
RB: Fournette, Ingram, McCaffery, Murray
QB: Brees, Wentz, Bortles
DEF: Panthers

I had Vernon Davis in at TE last week and will cut him. Which frees up a spot. Those are the best available. Which do you see is definetly worth stashing?

I would say Shepard or Doctson, Shepard especially if PPR (and if he’s healthy). But your WRs look good. Honestly your whole team looks good.

How big is this league because the top 5 guys on this list should all be owned… I would take Morris or Collins since Fournette may not play all remaining games.

8 teams. We play 2qb,wr,rb, 1 flex, def, te. Standard scoring.