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Best Ball anyone? 100% payout as opposed to PlayDraft's rake


Hi all. I’ve recently discovered best ball drafts, and am enjoying it a lot more than typical mock drafts. However, I’m not really satisfied PlayDraft’s brutal draft pace (choose from way too fast or way too slow) and rake (over 10%). Who wants to join my best ball draft on MFL, with the buy-in and payouts through LeagueSafe? Check out the league page here: https://www61.myfantasyleague.com/2017/home/21396#0 and let me know if you are interested.



Just a note - it will be a slow, email draft allowing 8 hours for each pick, which is the same as PlayDraft, but I’m assuming people on here won’t use the entire 8 hours for every single pick, which is what players on PlayDraft seem to do.


What’s the buy in?


NVM I see it on the home page. I’m totally down!



How do I join? I’ve heard about them. Never done best ball, but looks interesting. When will draft begin?


Give me a day or two to check the settings, set a draft date, and set up the payment system on LeagueSafe.


We still planning on doing this league?


Yes - are we? I joined , but I don’t see any activity yet.


Yes. Sorry, I went camping for the weekend. I will get busy on
recruiting more players starting tomorrow. If you’ve paid, don’t worry.
Worst case scenario is that I can’t get enough players and everyone’s
money will be returned in full.


Feel free to invite more players. The sooner we get this thing filled up, the better.


Still need more players. Anyone?