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Best Ball Leagues


I am looking to try best ball fantasy format this year. I do not know any sites to play on. Can anyone help me out?!


Play draft is the ballers favourite they do quick drafts with 3 and up entries. If you are somewhere that you can't play draft (like me) MFL10s are your best bet 10 entries 100$ to the winner


PlayDraft.com/ballers gets you a free paid entry if you’re brand new


I want to piggy back on this post instead of making a new thread. With all the talk of Best Ball I want to create a league. Is there a way to create a Best Ball League with friends? Im having a hard time finding anywhere other than the two noted sites above that offer Best Ball. Ive talked to my buddies and they’re all interested so we wanna play against each other. ANy help would be appreciated.