Best Ball, PPR, 10th Round, Draft John Brown or Lindsay?

12 team league. My roster: Derrick Henry, Julio Jones, Chris Carson, Cooper Kupp, DK Metcalf, Tyler Higbee, Josh Allen, Matt Breida, and Diontae Johnson. Best RBs left after Lindsay: Marlon Mack, Kerryon Johnson, Darrell Henderson, then the handcuffs, Mattison, Latvius, Moss, Pollard, Edmunds. WRs left: Hardeman, Slayton, Sanders, Mike Williams, Miller, Preston WIlliams, Ruggs, Pittman, Perriman, Ross, Higgins, Harry, Watkins, Jeudy.

So, take Brown to build the stack with Allen? Or strengthen my RBs? Thanks!!

I like brown

As a guy who had Allen/Brown connection last year and loved having it; I don’t want Brown or Lindsay this year. I think both are talented players, but that they are going to be playing second fiddle to Diggs and Gordon. Honestly, if I’m going bank on a second fiddle I would probably risk it for Mattison, just in case Cook’s holdout happens. Like even if Cook holds out for only a few games I think it would be worth it, and imagine if he holds out for 4+ games.

For WRs on your list I like Slayton and Ruggs more than Brown as I think they have chances as being WR1s for their team. For RBs I like that Mack and Mattison have chances at being the RB1 for their team at least for the start of the season, and Latavius Murray is a RB1b on a team known to successfully run an RB1a/b system.

If you’re sold on Lindsay and Brown, I lean Lindsay as I think your RB strength is weaker.