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Best Ball Question


9th round of Best Ball Slow draft, I’m comfortable with 4 RB & WR and looking for a HIGH boom potential QB…
Or Mariota


probably jameis


Dalton, he’s done it or been on pace for it twice (2015, 2013). Has a lot of weapons at his disposal.


I’d say either Anus Winston or the Red Rifle


If it’s boom or bust for you take a look at

Matthew Stafford, he had 3 games in which he scored 25 or more fantasy points 6 games below 15 and 1 game below 10 in all honestly he was pretty consistent and was the 7th highest scoring quarterback last season, according to ESPN.

Dak ranked 6th had 2 games where he scored 25+ and had two games where he scored less than 10 one game where he scored 2.

Dalton is consistent, but he didn’t have 1 game where he scored more than 25 points last season, Dalton had 6 games where he scored less than 15, but every game he played in he scored at least 10.

Jameis Winston had 2 games where he scored more than 25 but also had 3 games where he scored less than 10. Also ranked 16th in total scoring. Also two games with less than 15.

Cam Newton was ranked 17th in total scoring had two games where he scored more than 25, 7 games where he scored less than 15 and 1 game where he scored less than 10.

Marcus Mariota ranked 13th in total scoring 4 games with 25+ and 5 games where he failed to score at least 10.

For all its worth consistency is nice, but I would rather have a quarterback that can give me 15+ most games with a chance to go over 25+. Matthew Stafford is who I would draft.


I would take Stafford


It’s between Stafford and Mariota for me. Yes, the Lions ‘run through the air’ and gives Stafford a higher floor than most…but that is largely due to their woes on the O line and severe lack of a running game. The Titans have a great O line, and a good running game…remember Mariota’s 80+ yard rushing TD two years ago? Recently the Titans pass catchers seem to have surpassed the Lions. More weapons, mobility to raise his floor, better O line, and they get to play in a division with no Alpha Dog. Give me the better offense in the weaker division…give me Mariota.

P.S. Each has a dominant D in division, so it would be worth it to see if, by chance, their division game at the end of the season is against either Houston or Minnesota…a game that won’t count.