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Best Ball Roster Construction Preferences


What up friends!

Curious as to how you all have been approaching best ball drafts, particularly in the realm of roster construction. I have tried several different approaches, but I seem to consistently end up attacking RB early to get “reliable”/high floor guys and then taking value from there on out. I typically end up with 3 QB/5 RB/ 7 WR/3 TE by the end, with drafting more WR late than anything. I also have been doing more 3 and 6-man drafts than 12, just out of preference.

Thoughts? How do you guys approach building your teams?


I have been doing 2 QB, 2 TE, and either 6 RB and 8 WR or 7 each. Granted I do mainly 10-12 man leagues. I agree with getting reliable RBs early and getting WRs late. Not sure if you are doing this but I go for a couple boom/bust WR talent at the end. I am not entirely sure how I feel about three QBs. Maybe if you do not see any more talent and it is the 17 or 18 round, then sure do that. I also do not think 3 QBs are necessary if you drafted one of the top 5 QBs. Same goes for TE. Also for 3 and 6-man drafts, wouldn’t you want more RBs and WRs?


Yeah I guess it depends how much you balance safety and upside. My rationale is to make sure I’m not taking any zeroes, i.e. if I draft Rodgers and Kirk Cousins and Cousins sits week 7 when Rodgers is on bye, I’m done. Taking 3 QBs (or same logic for TE) virtually safeguards against anything happening. Of course if I had Rodgers and Cousins, I’m taking a very late 3rd QB, not investing in another guy like Stafford or something and leaving talent on the board elsewhere. I guess that’s where I see the higher upside of taking 2 QBs and having more position players but am curious how other people approach roster construction, especially if you miss top tier guys at QB and TE and need to take 3 to ensure you can pool together some decent weeks. (I’m thinking if you end up with OJ Howard and Vance McDonald, I would take an Austin Hooper or something late and try to bolster my chances of one hitting on any given week to produce decent TE scores). I guess more than anything I was curious what others preferred. (I know you always have to stay water :wink: )

I definitely get what you’re saying. I have gone back and forth with it, especially in the smaller drafts as I mentioned. I haven’t landed on one solid strategy but have tried some of both (i.e. less QBs/TEs with higher draft capital vs. 3 of either while waiting later to invest)