Best Ball Tournament Cheap!

Hosting a best ball tournament for the 2nd year in a row

10 leagues 10 teams each on sleeper

1 Qb, 1 Rb, 1 Wr, 1 Te, 5 Flex, 1 Superflex, Big Bench

unique scoring featurs- .5 points per rushing first down, .25 for rb receptions 1 point for wr receptions 1.5 for te receptions

rest of scoring is pretty standard

No trading too much to monitor

$32 dollar buy in on sleeper, each league champion gets 90, each 2nd place in each league gets 60, 6 team playoffs

regular season is head to head with extra game against league median

Tournament playoff start same time as league playoffs (week 15)

top 3 in each league in regular season make tournament playoff

each week in tournament playoff we cut the teams down

4th and 5th of tournament get 100

3rd gets 300

2nd- 400

1st- 600

thats right win uo to 690 by just drafting

multiple entries allowed, you wana play u can play

half the tournament is already full if interested message me on sleeper, draft whenever ur league decides prolly sometime in july, all drafts will be slow drafts

sleeper handle