Best barfing pickup for QB this week

Bottom of the barrel here boys and girls. We have a guy in our league hoarding all the QB’s on his bench and won’t trade…

So, just for this week, do I pick up

Baker vs SEA (just dropped)
Mariota vs DEN
Flacco vs TEN
Rosen vs WAS
Keenum vs MIA (provided he starts)

It makes you want to barf, right?! I’m actually leaning towards Keenum…

Help, or kill me. Either is fine :slight_smile:

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Ugh…Baker…? I would choose Baker.

Mariota I just never trust. Flacco I never care for. Rosen like ballers said is a turnover factory. Keenum what if he gets benched a quarter in? Shouldn’t considering who he’s playing but you really don’t know. McCoy seems to be the starter anyway.

I’m facing the same dilemma. Currently I picked up Bridgewater and I am going back and forth with him and Kyle Allen. Darnold out there too but not interested now that Herndon isn’t playing.

Lots of reports that Keenum is the starter if his foot is good. I have Scary Terry, so that’s why I’m intrigued with Keenum.
You’re likely right though, I should go Baker. They shocked Baltimore, they could do the same to Seattle…

Ugh, I feel sick, lol

Ha. I know.

I’m sticking with Teddy Bridgewater this week when my opponent has Mahomes-

If I saw Mayfield on wire I go after him. So stick with it for one more week.

(Josh Allen comes back next so maybe if he’s on waivers you can grab him).

Josh Allen is my main QB, so I’m just replacing him for the week.