Best comfort food after tough loss

I’m prone to crushin down some Culvers or a double steak burrito to suppress the sadness, but what are your options?

I typically dine on the tears of my vanquished opponents. But in the off chance I lose… Veal parm sammy

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After the Cardinals lost to Jimmy G. on that blown field goal, Wendy’s sure hit the spot. Not the burgers so much, but their fries and frosties hit the spot.

Honestly though, a pan-seared prime steak is pretty hard to beat regardless of the situation. Usually do ours in a flatiron skillet with peanut oil, until internal temp is around 125-130. It’s worth setting off the smoke alarms in exchange for a good sear haha.

*edited because I forgot to list the steak

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Bologna sandwiches with green olives and pickled jalapeños.