Best D Streamer this week

Best D below to stream…

LAC vs Pitt
Dal vs Jets
Bal vs Cin

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Edit** definitely Baltimore and you can likely play them all season really.

They have not been great this year but maybe being at home and against the Bengals will get them going.

I have Carolina in 2 leagues, but love SF and think they are underrated. If the Ravens can make the Browns look good, they are not who we thought they were. I think Pittsburgh really leans on the run and their TE’s to attack the chargers but give the edge to the home team against a 3rd stream QB, and Dallas doesn’t play as well on the road but should still fair well. The FFB boys have LAC ranked highest then Dallas, Baltimore, Carolina… SF is in the teens…

I’ll take Dallas from that list. @Both_Barrels_Blazing I like San Fran too. They have two games against Arizona coming up. The Steelers get Miami week 8 then weeks 11-14 we get Cleveland twice, Cincinnati and Arizona. And on paper the Chargers don’t have an overly favorable schedule the rest of the season

Thank you guys.

I struggled between Dallas and Balt but Ravens got steamrolled against the Browns and that offense is not good…I picked Dallas

Grabbed Chargers as Dallas and Baltimore got scooped up.