Best Def RoS

I’m trying to look for a defense that might be on the FA or easily tradable and will suit me for the RoS or at least 14-16 for the playoffs, I currently have the Chargers D

My thoughts are
Bengals D
Redskins D

They both look to have decent matchups for the fantasy playoffs

Look for Denver. I just grabbed them for this week and I think I will hold on to them for play offs.

I like Bengals D better for the RoS if that’s all you got.
I just don’t trust the Redskins. plus I really don’t trust week 14 against the Giants, and week 15 Jax could have Fournette back in full swing. Just saying that this team might change completely after this bye week. MAYBE.

Redskins are growing on me. Playoffs Lions and Denver look good. Denver especially from week 13 onwards SF, CLE and OAK to close is the dream.

I don’t hate the Jags either from next week onwards they have INDY twice, and week 13 - 16 they have Indy, TEN, WAS, MIA all weaker offenses (bar the Colts but it’s a solid matchup) they also have the Bills in week 12 which will be a good get right game from them just in time for the home leg of the season, if you can get them i would think about it.

Ya i picked up the Jets this week against Miami but Denver is on waivers and someone just dropped Houston.

Would you all pick up Houston and stash Denver?

I think the Jets are risky on the road to MIA but next week the get the Bills so they are a good two week rental. I’d stash Denver in a couple of weeks after their bye next week

Someone actually dropped Jax def in my league this week on waivers, of a $100 budget what do you believe is a good % to put on them? I don’t see Denver on my waiver wire but might be able to get a trade for them

Someone did the same in my league, Jax is still sitting there after waivers cleared.

As they’re on bye it’s hard to say but really 2-5% is it for a DST.

They’ve not been great and the Colts offense who they have twice could do some damage if they can’t get back to ball control offense but their closing stretch is very very good.

They’re worth a pick up and if Fournette is out or goes in on IR I would worry but only in the matchups with high powered offenses. Denver may get dropped in their bye week next week could be being help for the Texans game and their genorous o line for giving up sacks