Best defense available?

My opponent for the semi finals got the saints defense before me in my 8 man standard league. Who should I pick out of the available?

Minnesota vs cin
Washington vs Arizona
Arizona vs Washington
Ten was vs SF
Atlanta vs TB
Sf vs Tennessee

Vikings. They’ve been dominant in most categories the last 4-5 weeks, they’re at home, they’re fighting for the no. 1 seed, and Cin is not good.


Thank you so much for your recommendation. 2nd highest scoring defense in my standard league with 17 points! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Did you win this week?

Ya I’m in the championship round. I dominated semi final. My opponent wants to split the pot. Not sure what I am going to do yet lol

Send the match up!
Did your opponent lose anyone?
And how big a pot…that all matters…haha.
But of course, if it’s a close group of friends, bragging rights are more important =D
Good luck!

I think I can win. Instead of splitting the $400 I could get $300

ME (Projection 107.85)
QB - Matt Stafford
WR - Julio jones
WR - Michael Thomas
WR - Keenan Allen
RB - lesean McCoy
RB - Mark Ingram
TE - Zach Ertz
K - MattPrater
DEF - Washington

Sterling Shepard
HIM: (Projection 103.39)
QB - Drew Brees
WR - Brandin Cooks
WR - Mike Evans
WR - Tyreke Hill
RB - Jordan Howard
RB - Leonard Fournette
TE - Greg Olson
K - Will lutz
DEF - Jacksonville