Best draft players for keepers next year

Our league has 2 keepers that can be kept for 2 years with +$5 added to auction cost each year kept.
When drafting the final few bench spots I will usually put a little more value to players that could be great keepers for next year (cheap in this years draft and potential for big growth for next year). Also it would be great to get some value out of them for this years draft.
Would looking at the UDK+ dynasty (which I have) be best place to look for this or is that more for long term?
Or where is best place to find this or do you guys have any input?

So you’re really just looking for deeper picks with higher upside for the future? I think the dynasty rankings (including rookies) would be a good spot for that from the ballers. Or plenty of other sites have deep sleeper recommendations, especially in a dynasty format if you’re talking years in the future.

I agree looking at dynasty startup rankings but also focus on time-share backfield where one player is on the final year of the contract. Inexpensive auction RB’s that I would focus on would be: Damien Harris, Zack Moss, James Conner, Cam Akers (he can be drafted and hopefully put on IR), Any rookie RB

WR is tough due to depth of position. I’d look into mid priced players with the potential to be top 12 next or rookies for $1-2. Some that come to mind: CeeDee, Sutton, Aiyuk, Michael Thomas

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This is basically the “breakouts” section in the UDK.