Best Draft Position 10 Team PPR 2019

Given the choice, what are the best draft positions for a 10 team PPR league (and why)?

I prefer to go somewhere in the middle like 1.04 1.05 1.06. You miss out on the earlier first round picks but I like not waiting as long to pick again

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Normally say 4th but with the recent Zeke news it gives me pause on him so I would say 3rd probably. That way you guarantee yourself Kamara, McCaffrey or Barkley. Just make sure you get a player that you really want in the 1st round.
I would recommend trying mock drafts at different positions to see what you like best. That’s what I did in my dynasty start-up and found that I liked the 7 spot so I actually traded back from the 2nd

its still 4th for me. get me one of the top 4 RBs, with a little bit better value in the second round. i dont believe things will turn south for zeke and the boys so im not worried about that. my answer does change to the 5th pick though if gordons situation changes back to normal.