Best Draft Position for 2018 FULL PPR 10 Team League?

I have to chose which draft position I want for my 10 team Full PPR league and I can chose between any pick from 3-9. I’ve been doing a lot of mock drafts and have played out a bunch of scenarios and I am in between a few spots that I like most. Typically I find that the 4 or 6 spots work pretty well.

At the 4 spot I typically can get one of either DJ or Zeke and pair it with a WR like Davante Adams, AJ Green or Fitz no problem.
At the 6 spot I can usually get Saquan Barkely and pair it with maybe Keenan Allen or Adams or another RB like Dalvin Cook or McCaffery.

What have been your experiences and which spots do you prefer?


I typically enjoy drafting in the 7-8 range of a 10 team draft, because I like drafting at the turn. But that could also be because I’ve always been stuck drafting at the back end in years past and have just gotten used to it haha.

This year I’m drafting at 5. The mock drafts I’ve done so far I’m in a similar position as you – Barkley/Kamara/Brown usually in round 1 with Thomas/Allen/Adams usually available in the 2nd.

One mock David Johnson fell to me at 5. I can only hope to be so lucky that he or Zeke falls to me in my actual draft :crossed_fingers:

I would take a look at your own rankings and determine how many of the top guys would you absolutely want, and couldn’t go without one. Say that number is 4, then you choose the 4th slot to guarantee you get one of them, but also minimize your turn into the next round. That’s how I looked at it in my dynasty start up draft this year, and I chose the 3rd slot