Best Draft Position for Snake 8-Team .5 PPR Dynasty Startup?

I won our draft order competition (March Madness Bracket) and have the first pick for draft position.
I was thinking 1.03 or 1.04. What are your thoughts?

honestly im fine with the 1.08. unless, you guys are not doing rookies and vets separate. then ill want to sneak up a bit. because if you do them seprate you would get the 1.01 rookie and that can have a TON of trade value, or you just get barkley. good either way. but in an 8 man, you are locked into getting one of the top players at 1.08, AND thats the wrap around spot so you will get 2 of them. ADP would be Fournette and OBJ. i would probably go Fournette and Melvin Gordon. maybe Hunt if he is there instead of Fournette. or hunt and fournette if they both are there. then next turn you are looking at big play WRs like hill, hilton, diggs, robinson, players like that. or if you like barkley and you do get the 1.01 rookie, you can do fournette and Evans, or thomas with barkley as your RB2 (which is pretty nice) so you get a better more established WR1. there are a lot of ways to play the pick game and every year is different. like last year i wouldnt have wanted to be below pick 1.03. now im fine with 1.08. just a few things to think about.

sorry, not OBJ. michael thomas. dunno why i typed OBJ.

We are not doing rookies and vets separate. It will be right after the NFL draft so we will know what teams the rookies will be on at least.
What makes you comfortable with the 1.08 this year compared to last year?

Well last year there was only 3 players I was comfortable with completely being my number 1 pick. Brown, DJ, bell. There were too many questions for everyone else. Will they, wont they, so on and on. This year I am comfortable with about 8. Hopkins , Gurley, fournette, hunt, brown, bell, zeke, and DJ. Add the fact in that you will be at the turn, and barkely is also almost locked in to go before the second round, and you have a dangerous spot. You could get 2 of them and be set with a SOLID core.