Best draft position

We have a 12 man redraft league that’s 1/2 PPR. We let the teams choose their draft position based on the order of the end of season finish. I finished 2nd last year so I’ll pretty much have my pick of the draft. Where do y’all recommend I draft? I’m thinking 4th so I can get a guarantee top RB and have a little separation from the end of round turns. Recommendations with explanations are greatly welcome. Thanks

Generally, I think the idea is to pick as low in the top tier of RBs to guarantee yourself one, and if that’s not available, then to go in the middle of the round so you can get a good balance of players.

I’m in the same type of league and the 2nd pick was open after 3 picks, so I went with that.

do some mock-drafts (only the first the rounds) and watch which roster you like most…

for myself, in this years draft i love to have the third pick. i can get gurley, bell or dj and probably have to take gronk in the second round…

My 2 favorite draft spots this year are the 4th and the 5th. With the 4th you’re guaranteed one of Bell, Gurley, Johnson, or Elliott and with the 5th you still have a decent chance to get one of them and guaranteed either one of them or Antonio Brown (you could also go Kamara or whoever else of course). If I had to choose between them I’d probably go 5th primarily because you would be closer to the middle and I prefer drafting as far from the turn as I can comfortably go.