Best DST during the playoff

I currently have the Steelers D. My playoff week are 14 to 16.
Their schedule is:
Week 14 vs. BAL
Week 15 vs. NE
Week 16 @HOU

I pick up the Broncos D. This morning on the waiver as they play @IND in week 15.

Do you guys trust Denver defence for the playoff? They have allowed the MOST passing TD of ALL TEAM…
Should I consider another option for week 15?

Other Defense savailable in my leagues:
-Carolina Panthers
-Chicago Bears
-Houston Texans
-New England Patriots
-Washington Redskins

Tough call… Maybe hold onto Denver and see how they play against Mia this week. If they stink then drop them for CAR. As they play GB(as long as Rodgers doesn’t come back)… If Denver is good against Mia you can bet they will be good against indy.

Texans aren’t bad either against JAX… That should be a low scoring affair.

I’m gonna be streaming the Bears over the Ravens I think. At least this week. Otherwise I’d be a little worried about the Broncos. They’re good but I agree with Frosty: see how they did against Miami.

I’m going with the Patriots, they have been doing wayyy better lately and they play bad teams the last few weeks.

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Ha! Didn’t see the Pats for some reason. Yep they’ve been great and totally playable for playoffs. Agreed :+1:

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OK…I’m gonna jump in on this one. I’ve got PIT and ARZ. Thinking about dropping ARZ…just cuz PIT has great ROS schedule. Thinking about grabbing PAT for this week. YES/NO??? Desperately need a win this week. Last place in PlayOff lineup. Playing first team this week. If I don’t take this week…could be GOODBYE!!! PLEASE HELP!!! LOL…AND YESSSS…I’M BEGGING!!!

OR…should I just stay put and go with them both and go with each week for each of them ROS???

Can y’all tell I’m bordering on “stupid/desperation” here with my decisions??? LOL

I think they’re coming out with a DST RoS podcast soon, I might just wait to listen to what they have to say before pulling the trigger

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Look for the chargers this week against the browns… Best D available THIS week !

Cain’t wait for that to come out !

I remember something to that effect last season and it was pure gold. Especially for picking DST to stream or go up against.

I’m good with Pats D. Picked up Arz just to play against Washington week 15 since Dallas just destroyed the redskins and they have no offensive line.

I have Pit/Den/Phi rostered in 1 league. Hard to play Denver with how bad their offense is. and yesterday they gave up 35 points but still scored 11 fantasy points.