Best DST for ROS

I’m streaming the cowboys tonight down by .28 points for the win this week but I want to roster DST that will help me win in playoffs! Drops some knowledge #footclan #footclan-community:waivers

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I’m interested in this as well.

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I will never again hold a good defense without taking into consideration what that team is playing for. The Jags burned me bad last year right at the end. Pretty much checked out right at the finish line. They didn’t have much to play for so it hurt me. I would have been better off picking a defense that still had a lot to play for whether it be sneaking in the playoffs or to play spoiler.

Just something to take into account other that stats. What is the motivation of that defense at the end? If it is to sneak into the playoffs they probably are better play than one that already has HF locked or the game does not matter.

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Thanks for the info, idk why but the rams defense was dropped. Are there any teams that you like for the reason you
Mentioned ?

The Colts, Redskins, Lions, Jets, Broncos, Packers, Bengals can all be platooned to close out the season based on their opponents and if they are paying for anything.

Colts can be used weeks 10-13, week 14 the Jets vs Bills or Lions vs Arizona, then Lions again in week 15 vs Bills. Week 16 Packers get the Jets, Washington get the Titans, Bengals get the Browns, Broncos get the Raiders they also have SF and CLE before that so can be used to close the year.

Rams only have Arizona in week 16 as a true plus matchup. Most of those DSTs are going to be available in most leagues and if you can you can hold two at once and target the best possible matchups (Oak, Buf) multiple weeks ahead of time. I wouldn’t recommend holding when there are this many options.

Jags have a decent schedule to close next week to week 16 but if they don’t get on track next week against Indy they will likely continue to self implode so they are a risky hold too


Thanks man! Much appreciated!!! @James89

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Also leaving a ‘name’ DST out there is a good landmine tactic, someone will always grab the Rams, Ravens, Jags and sit on them for weeks or ROS and you let someone else deal with the headache when they get -1, -2 points because they left them in against the Saints while you stream the Jets against the Bills for 20+ or something like that and win your week off it - the tilt will be real for them lol

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Final thoughts for streaming a dst week 11, I picked up redskins and have Denver on my bench. Better streaming options other that redskins week 11? Thanks

I was thinking Steelers vs jags or possibly Tennessee after they held Brady back.

This comment did not age well.

Which one?

Just the thing about the Jets against the Bills, I was just being a Troll.

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Oh haha yeah was just an example give how good it had to stream against the Bills but yeah didn’t age well! Matt ‘HoF’ Barkley who knew lol

Rams DST has been pretty bad lately. Since they lost Talib, they’ve been gashed in the passing game and runover by nearly every opposing team.

I like Tennessee, Chargers aren’t terrible but must be used in tandem with another team like the Titans…

I’ve been holding Pats D just for playoffs, Miami wk 14 and Buff wk 16, but @pit for week 15.

I also have Ravens that i just picked up for this week, wk 15 for them is home against TB.

Think i can just roll with these 2 ROS? or should i drop Balt (after this week) and just try and stream assuming i make it that far?

Baltimore will get slammed against TB that week, drop them after this week and get someone else. Especially if they’re gonna have a change at QB. If Jackson or RG3 are suddenly the starter, could mean a lot of 3-and-outs, and Tampa having a lot more of the ball