Best DST to stream this week?

I currently have Cinci but not looking to keep them.

Houston has got buffalo and may not be owned. also check to see if the bears owner dropped them during the bye.

Packers are another good one with Breida out for the 49ers.

ya those are both taken…Best Options I have right now is Green Bay (they have SF this week) or perhaps Chargers (they have the Browns). Otherwise keep Cinci but im leaning towards Green Bay at this point.

Not Dev. I chose them in the stead of my Bears last week and they almost single-handily beat me. Damn them.

Green Bay does sound good.

What’s the opinion on Tennessee? They weren’t great last week but not horrible either.
I have them and thinking of riding them this week.

Green Bay is probably your best best and not a bad play in their own right anyways.

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go with GB all the way. at home vs. breida-less, and generally hapless, 49’rs. and super pissed off abt losing that game to the Lions. they’re gonna be flying all over the place cracking heads.

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