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Best Dynasty League host site


Hey everyone, I’m starting up a new dynasty league and am curious what is the best host site. I’ve only used ESPN and Yahoo!, but I know they are very limited when it comes to any leagues other than redraft. Does anyone have any experience with Fantrax?


I haven’t used it personally but have heard MyFantasyLeague.com is the most customizable. The one dynasty league that I’m in uses ESPN and the commish never seems to have any problems with anything. It’s worked well enough throughout all of last season and through the offseason to this point.


Thanks for the info. I first heard of MFL last year, but was hoping to stay away from having to pay to use a site, but I guess beggers can’t be choosers. Currently, I have the league setup under ESPN, but I was nervous that this might handcuff me (since I’m the commish) when it came to customizing the league.

Out of curiosity, I just learned about “taxi players”. How does this work in your ESPN league? Do you just have a huge bench? I’m thinking about making the bench 15 players, which would put 24 on the roster. Is that about right for a dynasty league?


I currently switched our league from espn to fleaflicker. Fleaflicker is free and good for
Dynasty and offer trades for draft picks. It keeps track of all of that for free. Can’t beat free.


I’m in a few dynasty leagues through MFL and absolutely love it. The one drawback from what I’ve heard is, as Brooks pointed out, it is VERY customizable almost to a fault. So if you’re not familiar with it as the commissioner, it may take you the course of a season to work out the kinks. As a non-commisioner though, I can say that I wouldn’t join a dyno league hosted anywhere else.