Best Dynasty platform is

I been a Dynasty player for a few years now and I used alot of diferent platforms and I notice that i’m all in with MFL than the other sites. The whole commish friendly and the taxi squad features are some of the options that I really liked. Having a true dynasty experience is truely the MFL website. It is a paid site but its well worth it. So, If you are a redraft kinda player and want to get your feet wet in Dynasty do the research first b4 starting.
I’m looking into joining another startup dynasty league, email is Also group me is the comm. app I use…




I genuinely despise MFL. The options are nice, but the interface is the worst I’ve ever used on a fantasy site, by a lot. Throw in that it’s not free and I’ll never use it again. It’s not perfect, and there are a few less features (that aren’t a huge loss, imo) but overall Fleaflicker is a much better user experince, in my opinion.

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Check out Leagues commished by Scott Fish and run on MFL site. If you want to play with a few other footclan members join the dynasty superflex: hike.

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