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Best Fantasy Football team names


It is always fun to see fantasy football team names. What are some of the best/creative Fantasy Football names you guys are coming up with this year?


Kamara Rouge.


I just heard Dalvin and the Chipmunks today. Might have been around last year but I thought it was pretty solid.


Themed leagues tend to have some good ones…

Game of Thrones:

The North Members (South Park reference)
We’re Number Wun Wun
The Gridiron Born
Bear Island Fierce Ladies

Harry Potter:

Granger Danger
Polumalu Potion
Dumb and Dumbledore
Swiggity Swagrid
Snapes on a Plane

Many many more…


“Lights Kamara Action”
“Mahomes Improvement”


Goff Uck Urself


Literal Vampire Pot-Belly Goblins


My BallZach Ertz

That was my 2017 fantasy championship team name. I grabbed Ertz in the 7th round last year.


Two Gurleys 1 Kupp


My Cobb in your KHunt


Lmao funniest one!!!


Lifelong Bears fan and my son’s name is Teddy. So…Teddy Bears


I know this one has been around for a while. But have always loved this one: VICTORIOUS SECRET. Actually considered using it several years back, but…since my sons and grandsons are on my league, I thought I should use some couth. LOL


I came up with Krispy Kareems for this year!


Cookies ‘n’ Kareem and Le’Veon a Prayer were my championship teams from last year.


Mine was Hold The Door which was later changed to Saved By The Bell when Le’Veon came through with a clutch performance for me.


This year my squad is named “Jimmy G-Unit”


One of my League Mates has the Team Name Le’veOn Fire.


My team name is The Fuqqest Uppest (purposely misspelled to avoid triggering censorship). It’s a very obscure reference, but there’s a show from the late 90s starring (and created by) Simon Pegg called “Spaced”. It’s amazing! But in a Robot Wars-themed episode, that’s the name of his robot. I loved the name, so I took it.


@Ricky87 LOL. NICE.