Best Fantasy Keeper League EVER!

I am currently looking for 12 active owners to join my 12 team standard scoring keeper fantasy league.

This league will contain some very unique rules which will put you in the GM drivers seat and really make you take ownership of your team. This league will not be for the faint of heart.

$100 buy
FAB waiver wire
*FRANCHISE TAG player: (free player)
$20 for every kept players from previous year
*TRANSITION TAG player: (player must be dropped at seasons end.)

Superbowl winner= $800
Runner up= $100
Owners pot= $300 (buy in rollover), all other monies collect goes in this pot.

OWNERS POT… 2 or 3yr

  1. All money collected from keeper players, restricted free agents will be placed in the owners pot.
  2. After 2 or 3yrs all money place in the pot will be distributed according to where your team is ranked.
  3. Ranking for this pot will be decided based on how many points are scored in the regular season within the 2 or 3yrs period.

There are a few more unique rules that I will explain upon request but I just wanted to give you a taste of how I want to set up our league. As you can see I take this very serious so I only want active and serious members. PROFESSIONALS!!!..LOL

If interested please feel free to email me at

These are some really creative and cool rules!

Too bad it’s a standard scoring league. That alone might disqualify it from being the “Best Fantasy Keeper League EVER!”.

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Standard scoring ain’t so bad. I think it resembles a players true value and you need to be extra clear on how to build your team.

What would you change.

Agree to disagree on that one. RB’s who catch passes are more valuable to a team than RB’s who don’t.

Literally only thing I would change is making it a half ppr. Everything else you listed out looks pretty cool TBH.