Best flex pick for a must win week

1-3 record, 12 team PPR scoring.

QB: Alex Smith
RB: Mark Ingram, T.J Yeldon
WR: Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham Jr.
TE: Rob Gronkowski
Flex: ??
DST: Texans/ Bengals
K: Wil Lutz

For flex I have Kenny Golladay, Dalvin Cook, Kerryon Johnson, and Derrick Henry.

Is it sad to consider flexing Henry against BUF this week? Or should I keep it simple and go with another option? Also, would you rather have Smith vs NO or Bortles vs KC this week?

I like Bortles vs KC and Kerryon or Cook (if healthy) in a PPR over Henry.

Depends on your opponent. Are they high ceiling or stable floor.

Also monitor the health of the players. If Cook is fully healthy and ready to go and no longer on a snap count, I’d go Cook. If not, sit him and pick one of Kenny G or Kerryon.

My heart says Kerryon cause GB Run D sucks donkey Balls but my brain says Kenny G cause GB is going to be ahead and score so will be more passing heavy gamescript.


I’ll be monitoring Cook, Landry, Yeldon, and Gronk very closely since they are currently marked Questionable. My replacement for Gronk would be Vance if he can’t play.

My Opponent’s Lineup:

QB: Matthew Stafford
RB: Christian McCaffrey, Lamar Miller
WR: Julio Jones, Doug Baldwin
TE: Jordan Reed
Flex: Emmanuel Sanders
DST: Ravens
K: Matt Prater

I think I’d rather have Smith although it’s hard to say no to a KC matchup. I just think the KC game could bring Mahomes much further down to earth and be one where the Jags try to control possession and keep the clock running on the ground. Basically just keeping the ball out of Mahomes’ hands as much as they possibly can. NO’s defense is just as bad if not worse than KC’s, and the Skins are all rested coming off a bye.

I’d Flex Golladay. Henry is a complete gamble - could be a huge pay off or another dud. I’m not sure I’d be willing to risk it on Henry with the other options you have.

And I think Cook is also a big gamble even if he ends up being active. Philly defense is solid against the run so far and we all know what the Vikings have been through recently…I think this game may look a lot like last week’s Thurs shootout, so not sure how relevant Cook will end up being in that regardless of his health.

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So Bortles was just taken off of waivers. Leaving me with Smith this week. Unless I went Carr vs LAC or Mariota vs BUF.

That was a good point about the KC - JAX matchup though.
I think I will be playing the health monitor game this week to figure out what to choose.
the 1-3 record has me on edge a bit and my opponent’s lineup is slightly intimidating with CMC getting NYG and Julio being a part of this week’s shootout.

To answer your question, my opponent’s team to me looks like a stable floor type of roster.

I still like Smith. I think he has huge upside in this game, and he also has a pretty reliably high floor.