Best flex week 1!

Duke Johnson
David Mont
Ty Hilton

My current RBs are
Chubb & Sony
My Current WRs are
M.Thomas & Boyd

It’s Full PPR!

Full PPR- Hilton with Monty being a close second.

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See and I’m scared to put Hilton due to not knowing if Brissett can get him the ball!

If the Texan’s don’t acquire another RB, I’d say Duke but I expect they will so I lean Montgomery. I wanna see a week of T.Y. with Brissett to see how they look

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I also wanted to lean Montgomery only because everyone is saying he’ll be a 3 down back, He’s been getting high praise and signs point to a go start! But Duke interests me because he’s already a pass catcher, If he’s getting carries then he has the potential to put up big numbers

The thing is we have already seen TY and Jacoby. TY will be close to but not quite a thousand yard receiver with around 70ish receptions. He will get yards and touches, especially with the current receiving options for the colts.

I’d confidently go with Montgomery. Both of the others are question marks in their current situation, and I’d rather see how it plays out for a week or two

Montgomery. He’s got tremendous upside and the Packers finished 22nd against the run last year. The Bears are going to try and make a statement opening night and I think they’ll accomplish that by unleashing Montgomery. In his lone preseason appearance, he rushed 3 times for 16 yards and a TD and caught 3 passes for 30 yards. That’s 13.6 fantasy points for a PPR league touching the ball only 6 times.

TY Hilton would normally be an easy choice here but I think it’s best to hold off and see how Brissett does, especially facing a Chargers D which is projected to be the #4 Defense on the year.

Duke Johnson is way too much of an unknown variable at this point to trust putting in a starting lineup week one.