Best format dynasty start up drafts

If you are starting a dynasty league do you prefer to do a snake draft or an auction draft. The obvious plus with auction drafts is that owners can go after whoever they want which would be nice to be able to get “Your guys” for a dyansty team. However, drafting 25 rounds of an auction draft would take forever, and it would be hard to schedule. Plus it can take some of the strategy out of snake drafts.

Definitely interested please email me

Sorry man. I asked a hypothetical question. No actual league spot for you. Best of luck though.

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what site are you using, ive done 32 team startups with auction and its never been hard to do or hard to schedule.

We use 12 hour timers for every bid. usually takes 2 weeks to complete the draft. Ive done a total of 6 startups this way and am doing a 7th this year.

I use MFL “email” auction. Its all done in their website but like i said above, everyone has a 12 hour timer on their bids. So you never miss out on the chance to bid if you log in when you wake up, on your lunch break, when you get home, etc.

I would never play in a dynasty league(again) that uses snake style drafting for anything. Startups should be auction and include rookies, then the following seasons should have rookie drafts based on how you finished. 1-X, 1-X, 1-X just like the nfl.

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We would probably use Sleeper. I haven’t looked into their ability to do auction drafts yet. I like the idea of the slow draft auction style but have 2 reservations. 1. Don’t most of the bids come in right before it ends as people try to outbid eachother? Secondly, that many rounds of 12 hour clock leave a lot of room for news to break or things to happen during the draft which could drastically change players values already taken or still on the board. And yes, our following rookie drafts would be NFL style.

You dont do it with rounds. Multiple players are up for auction at the same time. You can start a bid on any player or bid up any player at any time.

With all of the leagues i have started like this, i havent had anyone complain about this, they actually think its the most fun theyve had drafting. And yes lots of bids come right at the end of a timer, but at the same time if you want a player and he has 4 hours left, but you wont be on for another 6 hours, you have to bid then. Once players start going off the board though, it snowballs and players start going left and right. The first 3-4 days usually take the longest for players to start going off the board.

News happens all the time, how is it any different than drafting a player that tears his acl the following week? At least if something happens you can try to adjust during your draft to make up for the news.

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Ok, so you can put any player up for auction at any time, and then the clock starts going? That sounds pretty fun. And yes, news does break at any time. But I generally like doing my drafts close to the beginning of the season so that very few things happen after the draft.

its a blast, a little chaotic, but thats what makes it fun. Yes the MFL system i use starts the timer as soon a a high bid is placed. Then it resets every time a new high bid is placed by any owner(even if you outbid yourself)

I understand wanting to wait as long as possible, i run my rookie drafts the 2nd week of august every year.

I would suggest running your startup draft no later than the 1st week of august though. I also suggest doing a test run with your league. Start a draft in july so everyone can test it out and see how it works, then revert the league for your real draft.


Appreciate the advice!

No problem.