Best handcuff?

If you had 1 roster spot for a handcuff to keep away from other teams, who would you choose? Spencer Ware, Latavius, Henry, Malcolm Brown, Penny, Edmonds, Rod Smith, or Tj??

Assuming you don’t have the starters for any of these situations, I would go with Penny. He has the most value right now without an injury. And if he does supplant Carson or Carson gets hurt, Penny is the lead back on the most run heavy offense in football.

I disagree on Penny because the backup could very well be Mike Davis.

IF you are truly stashing a spot to a person who will only play in case of injury, the 1 and 2 are Ware and Brown. Ware is number 1 due to Andy Reid being the more likely to sub out his back. Each of these backs would immediately produce if put into the lead role.

I actually already have Brown on my roster because I am not letting anyone take my Gurley insurance lol.